Casual (One-Off) Shredding Service

Casual means: one-off/ one-time job, where the security bin can be kept at the premises for up to 14 days at no extra cost. or if the documents are ready the security bin can also be filled on the spot and taken straight away by the driver.

The security bin is delivered and collected by our police checked driver right to your door.

This is an easy, on-demand service.

How does it work?

We can come past your office or home to deliver our lockable security bins.

You can then fill them up on the spot or within 14 days.

Once you’re done, give us a call on 1300 66 11 77 and we will come to pick them up for destruction.

We provide a key for opening the bin. The bins are kept locked at all times and are only opened when the paper is being destroyed. We then provide you with a certificate of destruction, ensuring your peace of mind that your legal obligations have been taken care of. Recycling is a key part of the process too. All paper is recycled.

What bins do you have?

We provide either 240Lt or 120lt lockable security bins. 

240 litre bins are the most popular size.


240 litre: 105cm high, 60cm wide, 75cm deep.

120 litre: 95cm high, 50cm wide, 55cm deep.

If you are above ground floor level, with no lift, or the bin needs to move upstairs, the 120Lt size must be used for OH&S reasons. 

Are your documents already in boxes?

We can also pick up the boxes without having to put them in bins. Just let our office know you have your documents in boxes.

How long can I keep the bin(s) for?

You may keep the bins for up to 14 days.

If you need a bin on-site at all times, take a look at our regular, or on-call services.

Due to OH&S any bin location above / below ground level must be 120Lt, unless a lift is available for use.

You may have lots of archive boxes full of documents, you may have filling cabinets full of documents you no longer need, and it’s very risky to keep all that business and personnel information about your clients. We at Secure M can help you with that problem and risk that you don’t need in your life. Call us on 1300 66 11 77 and we will remove that risk for you.

If you are thinking of just throwing them out don’t because you may end up in violation of data protection laws. The smart way is to use our service to help you dispose them in a secure way.

This service is perfect for customers with a casual (one-off) need.

  • Easy, on-demand service, easy add-on to regular service.
  • Any number of boxes, Service provided by Police checked Security Shredding personnel.  
  • Our trucks are GPS tracked and locked in transit.
  • Security CCTV and alarmed facility.
  • Certificate of Destruction included at no extra cost.
  • All shredded paper is 100% recycled.

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