1. Reduces cost

By outsourcing your document shredding, your overall costs will be reduced. You are not a document shredding business, so don’t waste your time shredding. Focus on your core business and outsource your shredding. A small office shredder takes hours to get through a decent amount of documents, industrial shredders do it with ease while also being more secure.

2. Reduces risk

Often employees within your company are a serious risk to your business. Don’t give them access to everything, outsource your shredding to a secure company and have that peace of mind.

3. No staff time wastage

Using a small office shredder might seem like a smart idea on the surface but count in the cost of the machine, the electricity, your staff time (including the monetary value of their time) and you’re at a loss. Outsourcing is the smart thing to do. Focus your efforts on growing your business instead.

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