“Dear Secure-M Team,
Yesterday I had a really busy day, as per the booking I saw your truck pulling up at our driveway.
My husband helped arrange the bins to the the front and spoke to the driver.

The driver looked very professional in a very neat security style uniform, the truck was clean as a whistle.
We were also very happy to be included in the special offer that was available in July and so see the house and shred devoid of boxes and boxes of old documents is fantastic.
Thank you for your excellent service, I will advise clients and friends of your company who delivers such good work.

Every business has to get rid of paperwork at times and what do you do, to burn it is bad for the environment and Secure-M is the best alternative.

Our compliments, best regards,
Marienna van der Maat
My Drive Pty Ltd”

We’re locally run and owned, 100% Australian.


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