IDENTITY THEFT is a form of stealing someone’s identity in which someone pretends to be someone
else by assuming that person’s identity. This is usually done as a method to gain access to
resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person’s name.

By using a “Shred All” policy you can avoid all the risks associated with deciding what
to destroy and the manner it is disposed of.
Letting confidential documents lie around in recycling bins is a huge risk. Recycling
bins are not locked and are therefore exposed to passing traffic such as unauthorised
staff, neighbours, cleaners even day/night security patrols.

“Adopt a shred all policy, don’t become a victim of identity theft.”

Michael Krivosija – Director @ Secure M

Having been involved in the security industry for 35 years it’s amazing to see how much is exposed to the
temptations of even the most honest. When it comes to information, who can you trust? If money is stolen
it’s a one off theft for which the value is known. However with information, once it is stolen it can never be
retrieved and the damage can be continuous. What is the value of that theft? Shred All. Then recycle.

Shredding is one of the most important parts of information security. “Shred All, Shred Often”
said Michael Krivosija, Manager SecureM Pty ltd, with 35 years of security experience.
Security Licence Number 611 659 41 S.

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