On-Call Shredding Service

Our On Call service is perfect for customers who require a security bin at their office permanently and would require emptying on an irregular basis.

When the security bin is full, one of your office staff member needs to contact our office either by phone or email to organize an empty bin.


This service requires the customer to exchange the security bin for an empty one at least once every 26 weeks ( 6 months) period.

An invoice will be generated every 26 weeks where the bin has not been emptied.

  • No contracts.
  • No bin rental fees.
  • No establishment fees.
  • No hidden charges.

This is the easiest way to ensure you always have a bin on-site, whilst having the simplicity of calling us only when its ready to go.

We simply require at least 1 exchange per 6 month period.

At your convenience, a Police-checked and uniformed Secure-M representative collects your document-laden bin(s) and transports them to our secure, CCTV-protected, alarmed facility. No mess, noise or hassle. You receive a fresh, clean bin ready for more documents!

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