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Yes you should sort your documents; we want to save you money.

Things such as plastic covers and sleeves, folders, ring binders, lever arch files and plastic dividers all take space and if you are paying per bin or box for your shredding service, you may not realize but it’s costing you money as it is adding to volume. There is your hidden cost. I believe it’s in your interest to minimize volume and have only paper with information on it shredded, for all other materials you may be able to use your recycling bin supplied by your council at no extra cost.

If you can not spend the time separating documents from rubbish you can be sure somewhere along the line you are paying for your rubbish removal even if it is not listed on your quote. If paper is contaminated with plastic or other product once is shredded it can not be recycled 100%. It needs to be separated, which takes time and money.

I bought a CHEAP shredder from China convinced I was smart and had a good deal. It broke down 3 times and I can not get service from the people I bought it from they are always saying yes, yes but no parts I requested ever come. Was my shredder CHEAP?

“Then there are slogans “we can beat any quote”. I believe it’s not all about CHEAP, it’s about value for money.”

We at Secure’M strive to give a fair price because we provide an important service. Many times turning up at a location we are told “oh there is the rubbish”. Your information is not rubbish. It is your identity and may be worth a lot of money to someone as they can keep stealing from you. For example, you would not leave a million dollars or more in a corner and call it rubbish would you? When your Identity is stolen, it’s stolen forever.

“And guess what, it’s probably worth more than a million dollars.”

Looking for a quality document shredding company, look no further.


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