Secure E-Waste & Hard Drive Recycling

SecureM can provide lockable security bins, or pick up the items individually.

Bringing in new technology into your business is great, but what are you doing with your old equipment? Hard drives, printers, monitors, USB drives etc.

Many of these devices store confidential information, even ones that you might not expect such as your printer. Many printers have a hard drive inside that has a copy of every document ever scanned/faxed or printed. 

Only physical destruction and proper recycling guarantees your information is properly destroyed.

E-Waste also often has dangerous chemicals that need to be handled properly. 

Secure M can collect and recycle all your e-waste in a secure manner. Most e-waste recyclers won’t take the time to remove hard drives and memory for destruction before passing the materials on, this can lead to your raw data falling into the hands of an unknown group.

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