Archive Box Pickups

Whether you are moving offices/ relocating or requiring bulk shredding of archive boxes that have reached their end date,or are no longer needed, freeing up valuable storage space.

SecureM can easily, efficiently and economically pick up and shred small or very large quantities of archive boxes. We have the vehicles and resources  to take care of the whole process.

Boxes are in odd sizes?

That is not a problem. The pricing is calculated by the standard archive size box. Which means at the time of pick up, an agreement will be made between the customer and the driver as to how many of your odd sized boxes equals archive sized boxes.

From the moment of booking to the final moment of shredding all the steps are secure.

The process is as follows:

  • The service gets booked.
  • We pick up the archive boxes.
  • Transport them in a secure GPS tracked vehicle.
  • Securely destroying the archive boxes and its contents.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is included.

Rather than having to tip these boxes into bins, or have the hassle of sorting through them, we can pick up all your boxes as they are. 

It’s quick and easy, whether you have 1 box, or an archive of 2000+, we can get it done quickly and painlessly. 

At your convenience, a Police-checked and uniformed Secure-M representative collects your documents and transports them to our secure, CCTV-protected, alarmed facility. No mess, noise or hassle.


BOX SIZE: (H) 26cm, (W) 32cm, (L) 41cm. Total 34 Litres in volume.


BOX SIZE: (H) 325mm, (W) 85mm, (D) 240mm. Total 6.63 Litres in volume.

Note: 4 x A4 Transfer boxes= 1 Standard Archive box

A4 PAPER   REAM BOX  (This is the box when you buy the reams of paper )

2 X A4 Boxes= 1 Standard Archive box


MARBIG : (H) 330mm, (W) 345mm, (D) 480mm. Total 54.65 Litres in volume.


Save money, create space in your office to maybe set up a desk for another sales person that can make you more money rather than storing boxes with documents you no longer require or if you are paying for a storage facility thin again you may not need those document stored any longer. If you have important documents in archive boxes and they need to be disposed of do not just think I will throw them out as rubbish or just send them to a paper recycler. This is not secure, it’s actually very risky.  You are best to call a shredding company to help you stay compliant with National privacy principles especially if those documents contain personal and company information and you will save money at the same time.

Secure M document disposal service is here to help you.

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