Secure M: Your #1 most reliable document shredding service provider.

You may have lots of archive boxes or you may have filing cabinets full of documents you no longer need and if you are thinking of just throwing them out – don’t – because you may end up in violation of data protection laws. The smart way is to use our service to help you dispose of them in a secure way.

The process is as simple as placing documents in a locked security bin provided to you and letting our security professionals take care of the rest.   (and it’s very risky to keep all that business and personnel information about your clients).

We at Secure M can help you with that problem and risk that you don’t need in your life. 

Contact us on 1300 66 11 77 to make a booking.

Our specialty is to make sure that you or your company complies with the Australian Privacy Act and that your personal information, business’s intellectual property and data are protected.

Secure M Containers:

Lockable security bins 120Lt or 240Lt , eco friendly multiwall paper bags are provided.

Secure M Service types:

  • From ad hoc/ casual one-time service, On Call  to also 
  • Scheduled regular service which includes:
  • Weekly to all the way to 12 Weekly and 26 Weekly service.
  • Archive boxes clean outs are our specialty.

Why choose Secure M?

  • Service provided by Police-checked Drivers – security professionals   (Security Shredding personnel). 
  • Our trucks are GPS tracked and locked in transit.
  • Security CCTV and alarmed facility
  • Certificate of Destruction supplied at not extra cost. 
  • All shredded paper is 100% recycled.