About Secure M

Our company was established in 2006, with the specific objective of offering the safest, best, and most reliable, customer-focused secure destruction services available.

Secure-M provides much more than the disposal of your documents and data. We offer a Nationally Accredited service, which means you can feel secure knowing that the information is being properly destroyed, and that your IDENTITY is subsequently protected in the most secure and cost-effective way.

We’re also a member of ASIAL (the Australian Security Industry Association), we’re a 100% Australian-owned company, and our mandate is “We protect your privacy”.

So how does our service work? Let’s look at an example.

We supply locked security bins that keep your confidential materials safe from outsiders when you’re not around. Then, at your convenience, a Police-checked and uniformed Secure-M representative, collects your documents and items and takes them to a secure vehicle waiting outside.

These are then transported to our shredding facility to be processed. All materials are shredded and destroyed, our facility is alarmed and monitored we also have CCTV. Under strict supervision paper is baled and recycled and each disposal is completed in accordance with the requirements of the current Privacy Act provisions.

Privacy Legislation

Are you aware that Australian Privacy Law states that “businesses must take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information that is no longer required”? And that’s where we come in.

By choosing our services, at Secure-M, you have the assurance that protecting the security and privacy of your materials begins the moment you deposit them into your security bin or bag.

We’re locally run and owned, 100% Australian.

Why Secure-M?

At Secure-M we’re local, which means we’re not owned by an International entity. We employ local people, we spend our profits locally, and the money stays in Australia. So we’re big enough to serve you, but small enough to care. And so, to protect YOUR identity against theft, give us a call and get your free quote today.


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